How it works

Before you start earning on this platform called SOFTCASH , you must be a registered member on the platform. To get started you have to contact any of our coupon vendor to purchase your activation code which is N1500, once you get the code,  go back to the platform and complete your registration process, after that you are good to go.

Once you register on SOFTCASH  you will be reward with a signup bonus of N300 and the platform also allows you to start earning cash, up to N200 daily on the platform, each day you login in you will be rewarded with the sum of N50 and N150 for sharing daily sponsored post. You can also earn on this platform by referring/inviting new client to join the platform using your referral link. When someone register on the platform you get a reward of N500 for each referral.

Breakdown of how SoftCash works                    

     1.  Referral bonus:  N500

     2. Daily Login:  N250

     3. Sharing of Sponsored Post: N150

     4. Welcome bonus:   N300

     5. Commenting on a post (either sponsored or general post): N5

     6. Liking any post (either sponsored or general post): N2


To register on SOFTCASH  follow this steps below

Enter your First name

Enter your last name

Enter your username

Enter your Email address

Enter your password

Contact a coupon vendor to purchase your code and return to the website

Then click on the register button to complete your registration.


Login/sign in

Before you will login on your SOFTCASH  account, the following is required.

Enter Your username and password

Then click on login to access your account.

How to withdraw? 

Hello, friends withdrawal form opens on 30th  of every month. Time from 9am to 10am with a minimum withdrawal of N5000. The minimum withdrawal amount for referral earners on SOFTCASH  is N2000, withdrawal date is every Friday.

All you need to do is provide your account details and request for withdrawal

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